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Riding like its hot

Posted by Diway

I wanted to test a little experiment out over the next couple of weeks. I have read on numerous blogs and news sites that people have been testing a new way of commuting to work, school etc and I thought I'd join in on the fun. So people are riding on something called hoverboards and they looked like a lot of fun so I went ahead and bought one of these hoverboards here. It was a bit tricky because all the places I knew you could buy them had stopped selling them but eventually I found a place where they still sold them. I didn't really know about the fire hazard at first but after trying to find them I did a little googling and found out about it and that that seems to be the reason why they've stopped selling them in various stores across the US.

Other countries doesn't seem to take them as much of threat but as always we are over the top and has to shut down anything that can be used by stupid people who can't read a manual. At least that was what I got out of the article. Anyway I now bought one and thought it would be a fun way to take some new pictures. Some cool speed pictures but first of all I had to learn to ride the darn thing and that was no joke. I thought to myself that I would never be able to get some pictures taken while riding it since it didn't come natural to me and I fell like tipping over all the time. Eventually I just told myself to stop the fear of leaning forwards TOWARDS THE GROUND! Hey who does that it's not even normal in any way.

But it helped and I eventually overcame my fear and now I would consider me a decent hoverboard rider to say the least. So I got some photos while riding for you to watch! I think they came out pretty decent thinking it was my first time doing it.

PS. You can imagine how afraid I was of falling off in high speed with my 1.000$ camera on me... It's 3 times what the hoverboard cost me and I rather see it broken than my camera. Wouldn't be making much of a living with a broken camera on my back.


Riding like its hot
Riding like its hot

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